• Objective #1:

    I will Stand Up to D.C. Leadership and insist that all laws which apply to the rest of the country also apply equally to the Congress. I will seek full and open debate for members of Congress to live under the same budget constraints as families and businesses;

  • Objective #2:

    I will Stand Up for change in how our Veterans, Active Duty, and reservists are treated. I will work hard to ensure our Veterans receive the finest healthcare coverage, the finest education possible, and fair treatment when it comes to home ownership, starting a business, and being gainfully employed;

  • Objective #3:

    I will Stand Up for El Paso by educating Washington, D.C. Leadership about the needs, challenges, and strategic assets El Paso and the Borderplex Region can offer to all of America. I will help El Paso become a model for growth as an “economic engine” for America and Mexico; 

  • Objective #4:

    I will Stand up for job growth to include high-paying scientific, technology, engineering, and math jobs for El Pasoans. I will fight for civilian support jobs for our militaryinstallations in the Borderplex. I will Stand Up for El Paso by taking 100 days of my first year in office to visit companies accross America to educate them on the advantages of locating facilities, operations, and jobs in El Paso;

  • Objective #5:

    I will Stand Up for the sanctity and restoration of life for all Americans from conception to the end of life;

  • Objective #6:

    I will Stand Up to transform the way healthcare is offered in America. I will work hard to see that every El Pasoan can:

    • obtain affordable insurance from any licensed healthcare company in America
    • obtain insurance despite having a pre-existing condition(s)
    • obtain affordable prescription drugs
    • obtain financial assistance for coverage when in times of hardship
    • obtain coverage for children under the age of 18, i.e “C.H.I.P. Program”
  • Objective #7:

    I will Stand Up to ensure our immigration laws are enforced and that law enforcement agencies charged with the responsibility to protect our borders are fully empowered to do their jobs; fight for changes in laws where they are needed; oppose illegal immigration and chain migration; oppose all efforts to establish “sanctuary cities”; seek harsh penalties for all illegal immigrants who commit crimes on American soil; work hard to resolve the matters facing approximately 800,000 individuals brought to America by their parents when they were minors; seek harsh penalties for drug cartels and gangs who perpetrate harm upon our citizens; and fight for a merit-based immigration system for America which will welcome people who desire to make a positive contribution to our nation and economy;

  • Objective #8:

    I will Stand Up for term limits for all members of Congress, a balanced budget/tax limitation amendment, legislative line-item veto to restore fiscal responsibility to an out-of-control Congress, protection of Social Security and Medicare for all retired Americans.



Seeberger has more than 28 years of proven leadership experience working with groups and organizations in the public, private and social sectors locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally;

Seeberger is nationally recognized as a strategic leader, having led strategic initiatives with multiple U.S. government agencies, including the U.S. Army; GSA; Border Patrol; the Southwestern and Texas Border Sheriffs’ Coalitions; the El Paso International Airport; the El Paso Coalition and Border Leadership Institute

Seeberger and his wife Sue have been married for 44 years; have three grown children who are all successfully married and responsible citizens; the Seebergers have seven grandchildren; and the Seebergers care for Sue’s elderly parents who live with them (her mom is in the latter stages of Alzheimer’s)

Seeberger has successfully led Values-Based Leadership Initiatives in El Paso; throughout much of Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean; throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East;

Seeberger, often at an expense to his personal finances and reputation, has Stood Up For The Truth – fighting against abusive practices by the IRS; abuses to consumer rights by a major financial institution; against multi-millionaire business leaders who attempted to take an unfair advantage of their power and influence; and against government leaders who chose to abuse their position.

For these reasons, SEEBERGER is the only candidate for US Congress – District 16 with the knowledge, experience, and determination to Stand Up For Building A Strong Future For El Paso and Our Nation!

Leadership, Authenticity, Honesty, Faith, Perseverance

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